Pet Pack

Released: July 2017

Project Type: Skinpack (20)

Coins: 310

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Make yourself look like everyone’s best friend with this furry and feathered pack! From hamsters to cats, birds, and dogs, show everyone who your favorite pet is!

The Pet Pack

Murphy the Bulldog was not being a good boy today. It wasn’t entirely his fault of course, this morning someone had left out a *whole* plate of bacon during breakfast, and it just smelled soooo good that he had to eat it all! Then Tiki the budgie was chirping from his cage, and Murphy wanted to play too – so he knocked over the cage to try and free him – but apparently nobody liked that idea. Muphy borked and borked to try and let his owner Alicia know how sorry he was – but it just seemed to make everything worse. Murphy slinked out his pet door to go into his backyard and try and avoid any more trouble.

Murphy laid down behind the bushes in a big pile of dirt, getting all messy, and just as he was about to try and take a nap, he heard a woof from the other side of the fence. It was Max – Murphy’s golden retriever friend that lived next door. Max was always being told he was a good boy, maybe he would know how to help Murphy! Murphy wiggled under a hole he had dug up awhile back underneath the fence over to Max’s yard. The two friends woof’d and ran around for a bit before settling down. Muphy told Max all about the awful day that he was having and asked his friend if he knew how to fix it.

“Hmmm”, Max wondered, “I am a good boy, I can fix this!” They sat and thought for awhile until Max let out an excited “WOOF!”
“When I want to cheer up my owner, I bring him something and we play together!” The dogs sat and thought about something for Murphy to bring back – and then Max had another idea.

“I have some tennis balls I buried awhile back, let’s go dig them up!” he said.
The two of them dug up holes looking through the yard for where Max put them until they finally hit the motherlode. Muphy said his goodbyes and ran off full speed over to his yard with his gift for his owner. He ran through his doggy door, and sat at the front door waiting for his owner to come home from work.

Alicia came home and opened the front door after a long day of work and looked down at her door waiting for her. Murphy was absolutely covered in dirt, drooling, with a dirty tennis ball dropped on the floor.

“Aww Murph….” Alicia said, looking down at how messy he was, and let out a laugh at how ridiculous he looked.
“What have you gotten yourself into today you little terror.” Alicia said bending down to pat him on the head. Muphy whined, grumbled, looked up at her, and jumped to give her a big wet kiss on the cheek.

Alicia laughed and rolled her eyes at how ridiculous her dog was. He might not be the most well behaved, but he always knew how to make her smile, and that’s all that really mattered.
“Come on you silly little guy, lets get you up in the tub and get you cleaned up” she said, leading him up the stairs to the bathroom, and Murphy knew he really was a good boy after all.