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We’ve decided to try our hand at creating Imagiverse’s first mini-game, and the result is our newest piece of content on the marketplace – City Stompers! Aliens have taken you away and are forcing you to compete in their game show! The unique game play of City Stompers allows you to have fun solo or with your friends, on three different maps, with three bosses that you can activate on your maps. Use cars as projectiles, pick up shipping containers, and even get special alien power cores for maximum destruction!

Honey Hill Farms & Southern Stylin!

Hi everyone! Our next content release is out with a questing hub experience and a skin pack! If you need a break from the city, Honey Hill Farms is the place to go to relax! Join your grandpa and help him out with farm chores, and visit a quaint farmland themed world. With lots of chores to do, new recipes, and more, this bright and cozy world will get you in the mood for autumn! (Sorry – no pumpkin spice lattes are included with this map, please provide your own!)

Featured as well in the Honey Hill Farm trailer is our second piece of content – the Southern Stylin skin pack. Dress up your character in one of 15 country styled skins, or farm animals! The two packs together provide a great roleplay set for a farm world with your friends!  We hope you enjoy  the projects this month, and make sure to keep watch of our youtube and twitter, as we’ll be dropping a few teasers of our next big project that’s sure to be a *smash* :]

More Content!

We’re *really* bad at remembering to write posts when we release content…but that hasn’t stopped us from making a whole bunch of new things since the last post! If you haven’t had the chance to check out Construction City it’s a great project for people who love to build, destroy, or do a little bit of both! You can control a bunch of different vehicles that you can use for hauling materials, or smashing things up. (not to mention our personal favorite, the portable toilet!)

This week though, we’re coming out with our first adventure map, Sealantians: Reef Rescue! Dive into the sea and help Jetty rescue his world from the evil Mechan-O-Corp who are taking over and polluting the ocean. Meet a lively cast of characters and protect Jetty through your journey. Check out our video below – and make sure to visit the Sealantians page for more info on this project.

Release Day!

Here at Imagiverse, we’ve been a little quiet lately…because we’ve been so busy making the next projects for you guys! This year we’ve been focusing on bigger and better projects that push the limits of what Minecraft can do, and what we can imagine – and we’re happy to say our next project doesn’t fall short of those expectations! We’re now officially one year old as a company, and we wanted to celebrate with a *huge* project for you guys, another addition to our Relics series…



Check out the project page to see what’s included, but take our word for it, this project has *everything* ! Enjoy the world alone or with your friends, and adventure, roleplay, or just relax in your vehicle of choice. We hope that you guys enjoy this sequel, we put a ton of time into creating a world that had all of the tiny little details that you guys love in our maps. Hands down this is probably our favorite project we’ve made, so please let us know if you enjoyed it by  tweeting @imagiversemc or commenting in the video. (we try and reply to everyone!) Thanks again for all of your support and we can’t wait to show you the rest of the summer lineup from us!

Major site update!

We’ve updated the website with all of our projects now! We were missing quite, but all of our projects are now available under the “Universes” link. On that note as well, each project has gotten a revamp with a nice little box containing purchasing information for all of our projects, and links to the projects on the Minecraft store. You can also view each projects trailer on the project page. Another new addition to our website is the Map Faqs page. There are a lot of questions that get asked fairly frequently on some maps that we gather from our youtube and twitter pages. Between these common questions and known bugs that we have been able to track – we will do our best to keep you guys updated on any issues that are causing problems on our maps. If you have any questions, or run across a bug we might not know about, feel free to reach out to us on twitter @imagiversemc !

Within the past few weeks, we have also focused on providing updates to older projects including both Relics of the Privateers and Lapis Lagoon. Expect these changes out soon – they should update automatically without an official Minecraft release.

Relics of the Privateers

  • Fixed fishing bug
  • Added sugarcane to the map
  • Fixed mermaid spawning

Lapis Lagoon

  • Fixed the Azure Dragon Ride

Adventures in Foxfang Ridge

Fall was a busy time for us, releasing multiple survival hubs – but we’ve saved the best for last this year! Take survival to a whole new level with our newest release, Foxfang Ridge (available for purchase now!) 

Explore a unique continent filled with a variety of new wildlife, unique new biomes, a full epic soundtrack for all your adventuring needs, quests, and more! This world is also fully survival compliant, filled with villages, temples, and dungeons that you’d find in a normal world so that you can experience your own custom adventure.

This will be our final project for 2017, but we’re still working around the clock for next year’s content, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled on our twitter and youtube for all of our upcoming projects! Thank you to everyone who has supported us this year, this has been an amazing opportunity for us as creators to finally be able to make the projects that we are passionate about making. We’re so pumped up 2018’s content schedule – Foxfang Ridge is just a taste of what’s to come from us next year!

Come Visit Lapis Lagoon!

With summer coming to an end – we decided to throw one last party for all our friends out there. Grab a buddy (or 10!) and come visit Lapis Lagoon Waterpark! We’ve done some crazy stuff – have you ever wanted to actually ride a water slide in Minecraft? Well now you can!

Stuff your face with some cool treats, race your friends on the rapids, lounge on a crane on the lazy river, or discover the legend of the Azure Dragon King! Read all about Lapis Lagoon and its features on its project page!

August Projects

July and August were pretty busy months for us! With the releases of The Kingdom of Torchwall and Wisteria Grove at the start of July, we also had a super cute skin pack come out later in the month – The Pet Pack! This skin pack is perfect for those looking to share their love of their favorite pets, so slip on a skin and go be an animal (literally)!

While we’ve been hard at work for a pretty big release coming *very* soon – in the meantime we released Stranded Sub, a spawn hub that leaves you stranded in the icy wilderness. Salvage your ship, fit in with the colorful locals, or become the new captain of whats left over of this grand submarine. As always keep your eyes peeled for more projects as well as upcoming teasers of our next one – we can promise that it’ll be a….refreshing change of pace!


July Survival Hubs

Earlier this month we released two new pieces of content on the Minecraft Marketplace store, The Kingdom of Torchwall and Wisteria Grove!

Wisteria Grove is a small survival hub, that includes 5 unique skins fantasy styled skins. Start a fantastic new adventure within the inner sanctum’s grove and explore the world with a home to come back to. You can read more about it here!

The Kingdom of Torchwall is a large scaled survival hub, that includes 20 unique medieval skins, from beggars to royalty! Be the king, or queen, of the castle, a knight in shining armor, or a simple herbalist. Packed with tons of exploration and hidden secrets, this pack comes equipped with everything you
need to expand the reaches of the kingom! You can read more about it here.

On that final note – we leave you with a teaser of our next content, something filled with *ALL* the goodboyes!





Relics of the Privateers is now available for purchase through the MCPE Marketplace, as well as our accompanying Pirates and Fishfolk skinpack. Update your MCPE client to 1.1 today to reach the marketplace and find ours and other partner created content. We’d love to hear about your adventures within our map, so feel free to give us a poke on our twitter, and keep your eyes open for info regarding our next project release. We’ve got a very busy schedule coming up and we’re so happy you’ve come along with us!



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