Relics of the Privateers

Released: June 2017

Project Type: Experience

Coins: 1170

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Experience a vast tropical wilderness on a whirlwind hunt for treasure. Contains hours of gameplay: unearth hidden temples, explore hostile jungles, and battle the invading pirates!

Relics of the Privateers

Immerse yourself in a tropical paradise! Arrive on a vast set of tropical islands at the bustling trade hub that is Portalina. Gather your gear and venture out to find the hidden relics of the privateers; rings rumored to be stashed throughout the islands. During your adventure, return the rings to the town hall to open up a bounty of treasure worthy of the greatest captain!

Explore the island and swashbuckle your way through pirates, find buried treasure, and navigate dangerous puzzles throughout the islands. If you aren’t feeling up for an epic adventure today, build your own cabana or kick back and chill on the beach; the possibilities are up to you.

The islands hold adventures for everyone. Discover cities and settlements, explore the depths of hidden temples, and fight off the dangerous wildlife. With new locations to explore around every turn, and the freedom to set your own course, your adventure is awaiting!