Pirate and Fishfolk Skinpack

Released: June 2017

Project Type: Skinpack

Coins: 310

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Ahoy Mateys! Raise the jolly roger and become a pirate! Be a colonial settler, or a jungle castaway. You can even shed your skin in favor of scales to become a mythical sea creature!

Pirates and Fishfolk Skinpack

The dreary sky and heavy mist had been following Captain Crabby and his first mate Fiskgutt with no end in sight. They were unwilling to stop at any of the islands they passed for fear of the Bashee of the Deeps and other fallen pirates attacking them – but supplies were running low.

“Cpn Crabby! A break up ahead in the fog!” yelled Fiskgutt. “It looks like a tiny island, so it should be safe enough to stop for a bit and see if we can scout out any provisions.”

“Aye let’s land” the captain replied – “we don’t have much of a choice anyways, we’ve been drifting around now for weeks.”

They dropped their anchor and rowed out to the tiny island whose beach was filled with coconut palms. Grabbing some to take back onto their ship, they heard a rustling in the bush.

“WAIT!” a voice yelled out, “those are my coconuts!” – appearing from the bush was an unkempt man with a scraggly white beard in “clothing” made of leaves. Captain Crabby and Fiskgutt looked at each other trying to figure out how to handle the strange situation.

“I – AM – COCONUT BILL. Protector of this island! Those are my friends you’ve got in your hands right now, and you better drop them!” the ragged man yelled, but Captain Crabby had enough of the nonsense.

“We’ve been sailing for weeks and have no supplies – if we don’t take these coconuts we’re going to starve. You do realise these are coconuts we’re taking right, they’re not your friends, they are inanimate objects.”

Coconut Bill looked down at them, and a sad realization passed across his face. They were indeed just coconuts – but that was not going to stop him from saving them.

“Look – about 10 leagues west from here, way out in the distance, do you see what’s on the horizon? That’s where you want to go.” Coconut Bill gestured out into the distance. “When I was a young sailor, we stopped at some tiny port – maybe it’s still there, you can probably find some food over there, so just leave me and my coconuts alone.”

“But if it’s so close, then why are you out on this island by yourself” Fiskgutt asked.

“Why WOULDN’T I want to be the King of the Coconuts” Bill said as if it was the most logical thing in the world.

Captain Crabby pulled Fiskgutt off to the side and whispered to him, “Look…at this point it would be easier dealing with the banshees rather than this guy, let’s just get back on our ship and check it out instead of wasting our time here. They made a quick escape back onto their rowboat without further provoking Bill, and started their journey west. Sure enough as Bill said – they spotted a large chain of islands and an open port. Relieved at finally finding civilization, they docked their ship and started their adventure….