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Imagiverse Map Faqs

Minecraft is finicky sometimes, or sometimes a bug might slip past us when we submit a map. Here, we’ve tried to collect information on some known issues for our projects. If you’ve had a problem with our maps that isn’t listed here, please contact us via twitter or through our a support ticket so we can try and figure out the issue!


Relics of the Privateers

Sometimes when I open the map I spawn in an ocean, help!
This is a known issue with Minecraft (not just to this map) – the only solution as of right now is to delete the save, and redownload the game and try running it again.

Lapis Lagoon

There are no boats or things like in the trailer!
Make sure that the map is not set to peaceful, you need mobs to spawn to see the boats and rafts. Also make sure that your gameplay is set to adventure mode for the best experience.