We’re *really* bad at remembering to write posts when we release content…but that hasn’t stopped us from making a whole bunch of new things since the last post! If you haven’t had the chance to check out Construction City it’s a great project for people who love to build, destroy, or do a little bit of both! You can control a bunch of different vehicles that you can use for hauling materials, or smashing things up. (not to mention our personal favorite, the portable toilet!)

This week though, we’re coming out with our first adventure map, Sealantians: Reef Rescue! Dive into the sea and help Jetty rescue his world from the evil Mechan-O-Corp who are taking over and polluting the ocean. Meet a lively cast of characters and protect Jetty through your journey. Check out our video below – and make sure to visit the Sealantians page for more info on this project.