Wisteria Grove

Released: July 2017

Project Type: Hub/Skins (5)

Coins: 310

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Find your way home to this beautiful wisteria grove. Live and grow out of a magnificent tree with many nooks and crannies to explore. Stash your loot in the roots and return to its base after your adventures.

Wisteria Grove

As the sun set, a soft breeze carried a perfumed scent out into the plains. The adventurer looked up to the sky turning dusky and checked their backpack. After fighting monsters for the past week everything was in pretty bad shape. Food and supplies both in low supply, and down to their last few arrows, the only thing that might help now would be to get to a high vantage point and keep a lookout for the dangers of the night. The adventurer started their climb up the mountain with the last low rays of the sunlight. Building what shelter they could, they assembled a basic hut in the darkness. Cold and hungry, they sat inside hoping that they could survive just one more night while falling into a restless sleep.

Later in the night, with the moon and stars high in the sky, a bright twinkle of light woke the adventurer. Knowing that strong of light couldn’t have come from the stars, the adventurer slowly crept and looked out from a crack within their hut, and saw a twinkling purple light out in the distant horizon. What could it be? They had never seen anything like this before in their travels throughout the world. With a newly gained boost of courage, the adventurer decided that they had to see what that was out in the distance, at whatever cost it took. Gathering up their meager amount of supplies, they faced the night once more.

The climb down the mountain was perilous and filled with quite a few missed steps. Finally reaching the bottom of the mountain though – the real battle began. With the sweet smell of flowers coming from the glow, the adventurer tried to not lose focus of their goal. With no cover to hide behind, they were an open target fighting underneath the light of the moon. Several monsters chased close on their heels, while they used their last sword until it was broken down into bits and pieces. The mysterious glow kept getting closer but the adventurer could only sprint so far. There were far too many monsters now, and even with the first rays of dawn helping, they were just exhausted. Shooting off the last of their arrows, they took one last look at their goal off in the distance. With their vision blurred from not sleeping and fighting throughout the night, their eyes shut and they crumbled to the ground. Exhausted, they saw one last glimpse of the world, but not before hearing the sound of something, or someone rushing toward them.

The adventurer awoke, in a bed with silk sheets in what seemed to look like a hollowed out tree trunk.

“Well I figured it would be awhile, but you’ve been out for almost three days now!” a slim woman with sharp features exclaimed. The adventurer tried to jump out of bed, unaware of where they could even be, or who this person was, but the woman held them back.

“Ah-ah, wait please, you were badly injured, it was lucky that Cedric and Rowena found you when you did. Please do not try and move too quickly, I have taken care of your injuries but you must be careful. You are in Wisteria Grove, a sanctuary for all travelers, and adventurers.”

Taking things a bit slower this time, the adventurer got up carefully from the bed, and asked where they could find Cedric and Rowena to thank them. The woman directed them to one of the inner pavilion within the large tree. They walked out into the colorful grove and stared in awe at the giant foliage and trees. They walked into the wisteria tree and waiting for them was Cedric Ambervine and Rowena Sage.

“Adventurer – you have many injuries that will need time to heal until you can go back out on your own, you are welcome to stay with us as long as you wish.” Rowena said, but the adventurer was too busy staring upwards at the amazing sight of the massive glowing flowers hanging from the tree.

“Ah yes, this is a special place as you can see” Rowena said, “The magical energy here has made things grow beyond their normal size, we have protected this place for as long as we can remember.”

“When you are healed, perhaps you might even join us as one of the protectors of this grove” Cedric said.

From that moment, the adventurer knew what their next mission would be.

Start a new adventure within the sheltering forest of Wisteria Grove! Wisteria Grove is a survival based hub that includes friendly woodland creature skins that help you shape your next adventure. Guard and protect the grove – or dare to explore the world, the large wisteria tree will always be a beacon guiding you back home both in day and night from far away.