The Kingdom of Torchwall

Released: July 2017

Project Type: Hub/Skinpack (20)

Coins: 660

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Claim the Kingdom of Torchwall for your survival base and expand your domain out into the world. Explore the surrounding town and farms, but watch out for creatures that lurk in the sprawling crypts and sewers!

The Kingdom of Torchwall

As these tales tend to typically start – once upon a time in a kingdom faraway, there ruled a mighty king called King Reaves of the Kingdom of The Dark. His kingdom, while substantial in size, strength, and wealth – faced difficulties with the local peasantry and townsfolk. None of the peasants were smart enough to use fire in their homes without burning down massive amounts of the kingdom. With no fires, the kingdom remained dark at night, and thus lost its original name to the ages and became known as the Kingdom of The Dark.

And so King Reaves ruled his overly worried kingdom with some measure of success…however he nor his family was particuarly happy. His spouse, Queen Julia and their daughter Princess Celine complained every day from morning to night that the cold dark halls of the castle dried their skin and made their hair lie flat and limp. King Reaves knew that things needed to change, so he sent out some of his knights far and wide to find distinguished scholars who could help change the opinion of the populace. They bought back experts, magicians, and scholars of all sorts – and after interviewing them King Reaves made the decision of hiring a man named Mad Eustace the Alchemist, who brought with him an apprentice named Clinton.

The king gave Mad Eustace a laboratory and study to work within the castle and help solve the kingdom’s problems. Eustace worked day and night holed up where nobody could see him until finally one day he and his assistant ran down to the king with a discovery.

“Your majesty!” Mad Eustace exclaimed, “I have worked weeks on weeks, and I believe I have discovered the solution! I’ve found a solution to your problems! I have created a potion that will create a fire that will not spread when used upon this special rock!”

“My assistant has developed a special rock that will ignite when the potion touches it – and it will always stay lit, without worry.” Mad Eustace said with a nod to Clinton. The pair demonstrated to King Reaves their new invention and the king and his household were overjoyed. The king called his kingdom to come together within the city and see the miracle of the magical fire and rocks. When all the townsfolk were gathered Mad Eustace showed off with no small amount of flair the magic of his unspreadable fire within an area of rock. The townsfolk cheered in approval and celebrated for finally being able to have heat and light within in their homes once again. In celebration, King Reaves proclaimed that all homes would have the special fire installed into their homes and light would return once more.

Mad Eustace and and Clinton went through the town and set new stone within everyone’s hearth and lit the fires. A few hours through their work, a crowd and cries were heard throughout the streets.

“MY HOUSE IS BURNING DOWN!” a distressed woman yelled, pointing in shock to her home. Townsfolk rushed to her aid to help put the fire out, but it was already spreading to the other homes within the block. King Reaves watched from up within his tower and heard the screams of the citizens – and summoned Eustace up to the castle.

“WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS” – King Reaves yelled at the alchemist and his assistant. “How did your fire do this? You showed us right in the town that it doesn’t spread!”

“…Well it doesn’t spread on the rock” Mad Eustace said with a bit of a smirk. “And you only paid me to install the rock on the hearth, not replace the fireplaces completely.”

The townsfolk chased Mad Eustace out of the dungeon and locked Clinton within a dungeon, never to see the light of day again. From that point forward King Reeves decreed that there must be light – but only on torches laid upon the walls so that the fire would be contained, and thus the Kingdom of Torchwall was.