Stranded Sub

Released: August 2017

Project Type: Hub

Coins: 310

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Survive the cold wilderness after your expedition ran aground. Venture inside your stranded vessel to scavenge loot or brave the wilderness to find a new home.

Stranded Sub

Captains Journal Entry #1
The maiden journey of our vessel The Aberford has finally come! This has been many years in the making, procuring the funding and the engineers to make this ship a reality. I have lobbied my country and it’s researchers for years, and it has been all I’ve dreamed of. I wish to be the first man to journey to the depths of the sea, and to the most far off dangerous waters. With a state of the art design we have advanced mechanical engines the likes that no other nations have seen. Our crew consists of a fine set of sailors eager for adventure into the unknown, researchers wanting to discover new species, and our best cartographers.

Captains Journal Entry #43
We’ve left the last port that’s been charted by our country, refueled and restocked our provisions. From this point out we will be sailing off into unknown waters, the crew has been looking forward to this point of the trip for so long now – and we’ve even picked up a few additional individuals along the way. From deep sea divers, to more researchers, we have reached full capacity on our ship.

Captains Journal Entry #90
The new waters we’ve sailed into contain a variety of creatures we’ve never seen. Sailing south we were unsure what we would encounter, but the waters are cool, calm, and filled with a bounty of large creatures. Our chef “Cookie” has been learning what to do with some of them, and making amazing new recipes that people back home will be sure to love. Our cartographers have been hard at work as well mapping out what few coastlines we’ve seen, however we’re unprepared for any initial settlements for this trip. We will be continuing our journey south.

Captains Journal Entry #103
The weather above water is freezing, and we’re been fighting deep glaciers below the surface of the water. We’ve consulted our crew about wheher we should continue and the decisions are mixed. Most of our sailors want to press on but the science team is reluctant. I believe I shall make a final call within the next few days, we’re so far that I don’t want to turn back just yet, I told the crew from the start that this expedition would be dangerous and they knew what they were signing up for.

Captains Journal Entry #105
After deliberation we resurfaced to help plot our course back home – and broke through a giant glacier. We’ve suffered damage throughout the side of the ship, but luckily have landed up near enough to a coastline that has a small native settlement. We will need to assess the damages and see if repairs can be made by our engineers.

Captains Journal Entry #110
Our crew has worked as fast as they can to repair the ship, however weather conditions are not agreeable. We are apparently in the middle of the winter season for this region, and ice has formed around our ship stranding us in the water. We are unable to take our sub back under water as we might rip away more of the ship. For the time being we will live with the settlers that are here, until the ice melts away. We shall continue our expedition now on land and discover a new world for our nation.