Lapis Lagoon Waterpark

Released: September 2017

Project Type: Experience Map

Coins: 990

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Lapis Lagoon is a full water park experience! Race down water slides with your friends, save the seasons with the Azure Dragon, play a variety of mini-games or grab a popsicle and find the perfect summer outfit at our gift shop.

Lapis Lagoon Waterpark

Make a splash with your friends in this dragon friendly water park!

Whether you’re racing your friends down the rapids, competing in sumo boats or battling in the water arena, you will have a blast!

For something more cinematic, adventure onto the mystical dragon slide and be transported to a realm where dragons and spirits reign. Make sure to unwind after all theses festivities by watching some fishy friends in the aquarium while you sip some Lapis Lemondade.

Lapis Lagoon waterpark features a first in Minecraft, working tube waterslides! That’s right, hop on a tube and enjoy while you are watching the scenery fly by. Looking for something more involved? You can control the tubes in the rapids ride where skill and a little luck will net you first place. Racing friends has never been be wetter! The racing slides combine a bit of both worlds. Time your drop just right to win a prize!

Oh, we forgot to mention our token prizes!

Collect these by competing in activities and riding the rides to buy cool new gear like swimsuits, sunglasses and some unique food. You could also take part on a challenging scavenger hunt to unlock a unique reward.

In case you missed the massive dragon spiraling around the central mountain, head on over for an immersive journey.

Aid our good Azure Dragon King on an interactive and cinematic adventure with a unique boss battle to save the seasons!

Friend keeps winning on the racing slide so you gotta blow off some steam? Try the PVE arena and battle endless waves of water canon boats with several different attacks styles. You could also get payback with the 1 vs 1 simple but surprisingly competitive sumo boats.

Explore our park for yourself and be amazed at all there is to see and do.

Summer doesn’t have to end when you have Lapis Lagoon Waterpark!