We’ve updated the website with all of our projects now! We were missing quite, but all of our projects are now available under the “Universes” link. On that note as well, each project has gotten a revamp with a nice little box containing purchasing information for all of our projects, and links to the projects on the Minecraft store. You can also view each projects trailer on the project page. Another new addition to our website is the Map Faqs page. There are a lot of questions that get asked fairly frequently on some maps that we gather from our youtube and twitter pages. Between these common questions and known bugs that we have been able to track – we will do our best to keep you guys updated on any issues that are causing problems on our maps. If you have any questions, or run across a bug we might not know about, feel free to reach out to us on twitter @imagiversemc !

Within the past few weeks, we have also focused on providing updates to older projects including both Relics of the Privateers and Lapis Lagoon. Expect these changes out soon – they should update automatically without an official Minecraft release.

Relics of the Privateers

  • Fixed fishing bug
  • Added sugarcane to the map
  • Fixed mermaid spawning

Lapis Lagoon

  • Fixed the Azure Dragon Ride