Hi everyone! Our next content release is out with a questing hub experience and a skin pack! If you need a break from the city, Honey Hill Farms is the place to go to relax! Join your grandpa and help him out with farm chores, and visit a quaint farmland themed world. With lots of chores to do, new recipes, and more, this bright and cozy world will get you in the mood for autumn! (Sorry – no pumpkin spice lattes are included with this map, please provide your own!)

Featured as well in the Honey Hill Farm trailer is our second piece of content – the Southern Stylin skin pack. Dress up your character in one of 15 country styled skins, or farm animals! The two packs together provide a great roleplay set for a farm world with your friends!  We hope you enjoy  the projects this month, and make sure to keep watch of our youtube and twitter, as we’ll be dropping a few teasers of our next big project that’s sure to be a *smash* :]